Rorschach Redemption said...

Is that another tree creeping in on the right?

~Ana Paula~A Católica said...

Hi, Porter!

A Big HELLO from.......... BRASIL!!

I just DON'T know why, BUT I simply loved this photo. I loved its color, the lady pregnant (am I right?) in this dark dress and WOW the big shoulders of the husband. Yeah!

(I love big shoulders, because men were born to make us, women, feeling safe, right?)

So, congratulations for your work in kissssing:
simply delightful!!

Stay in the Peace of God!!
You and All kissssing Fans!!

P.S. Have a special, magic and full of joy Christmas. I know you will, BUT it cost me nothing to say it!...


porter hovey said...

I think you might be right about tree!! Could that even be right??

I love that she's pregnant too. I'm sure she's thinking . . . this time next year everything will be totally different. I think that look on her face totally shows that uncertainty of the future and about becoming a parent.

The colors are pretty magical.

Merry Christmas!! Just another few days :)

the girl out west said...

You always have the most beautifully quirky photos. I adore reading your blog!