~Ana Paula~A Católica said...


I saw the lady trying to get a drink and I though instantly in Natalie Wood - the TV over here is passing a special about her life.

What I liked most in this Post you don not have a clue: the bottles of Coke. I love their design!

Stay in The Peace of God, Porter!!
You and All the kissssing Readers!!


Anonymous said...

I wish my office christmas party looked like this! our invitation said "dutch treat". And while I like the vintage charm of the phrase dutch treat, the meaning....you're paying for you're own self...doesn't charm me!

porter hovey said...

Laura . . . that's horrible!! And not so much in the holiday spirit. You work all year long and it should be a little thank you!

Tonight is our company's holiday party . . . I'm ready to rock 'n roll in an amazing gold sequined dress. Should be lots of fun!!

365 attempts (at life) said...

I love this blog.
Such a great concept!